Monday, 18 February 2013

Do the stars really play any role?

People in business or those serving in different organisations very often complain that they are having bad days undergoing some setback or the other. They rush to some priest seeking a remedy. The priest tells them that it is all due to the stars going in an otherwise direction. He also names the stars like Shani, Rahu, etc. along with KaalSarp and the like responsible for the bad days to the people concerned. He also suggests necessary Puja for the purpose naming them as Mritunjaya or Mahamritunjaya jaap to overcome eventualities in the offing because of bad stars like serious illness or even death as a possibility. In most of the cases this type of modus operandi is all a fake one on the part of the priests to make money from their customers blindfolding them with several premonitions of adverse situations. Whatever it is, the customers follow the dictates of the priests blindly and in the process there is enough of money making. Such a fake diagnosis of the priests apart, the fact remains that the stars are there and it is they who play most vital a role in the life of the people. It is, however, a different matter as to how best they can be diagnosed without any falsehood.

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