Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Security cover–Why should it be monopolised by VIPs?

Law and order situation in the India is worst compared to other countries in the world, there could hardly be any two opinions on it. The reason is simple –major chunk of security force is in use of the VIPs, or say VVIPs. Why should they keep so much of cops with them to protect themselves?. Why should it be necessary for them to keep an army of cops for protecting themselves at the cost of people in general in

the country. The average ratio between a VIP and the common people is 1:761 which means that 761 persons are deprived of any  protection to provide necessary cover to a single VIP indicating that the life of the VIPs is much more important compared to common people in India. It is a known fact that in most of the cases security cover is provided to important politicians as a matter of an artificial grandeur and they sumptuously use it as status symbol or to settle scores with their rivals. Since they are in a commanding position in the administrative system, they attach top priority to themselves and their families leaving the people in general in a lurch. India needs reforms on several counts where this area is most salient one.

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