Friday, 15 February 2013

What does conscience stand for?

I was going through a post of a co blogger of mine the other day. She confessed several things normally people don’t do. I liked it. But how many persons are there who honestly confess things in their life, or even if they do so, how many are there to express themselves really in honest terms. Very often it is seen that the confessions are made by the people only in a guarded manner, which means that whatever they are speaking is barely the half truth, or even no truth at all. Such an expression is meaningless and has nothing to do with honesty. If conscience is the focal point, one has to make necessary expressions faithfully and truthfully. There is no compulsion as such that one has to accept his/ her ills and evils, heavens woudn’t fall if some body is not honest in the matters of expressions, but in that event one can’t claim his/ her conscience as the basis. Once conscience is the basis, the honesty demands that there has to be no hide and seek of any kind.

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