Sunday, 3 February 2013

Fear of the unforeseen!

The saying goes that ‘an empty mind is a devil’s work shop’, but this very workshop is active otherwise too even if the mind is not empty. Psychologically all humans have a propensity of thinking loose as howsoever best they try to control their mental waves, it only reverses to a further amount of loose thinking. True, some thing untoward may happen to some body at any stage of time, the fear of it unnecessarily continues haunting in the situation otherwise also. What should one do in such circumstances?. The seers advise that one should go for meditation by concentrating on certain objects which interest him or her. What happens in the process is just the otherwise. Mind starts travelling unbridled landing at varying situations inviting  more amount of uneasiness. The best alternative is to allow the mind the way it prefers to travel simply trying to pickup some soothing ideas here and there.

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