Wednesday, 11 April 2012

On face book:

I am not that much conversant with the operation on face book, I am rather a novice in the area but whatever I could lay my hands on till now it is enough to convince me that it is most powerful a medium from inter communicational angle. Only the other day while strolling in the park I heard a person talking to another telling some thing like ‘… simple as face book’ and this inspired me to resort to operating such a tool without much of a strain on nerves. I quite realise that this tool is most useful a mechanism from the point of view of expressions. I know that there are people taking liberties vomiting their ill conceived fancies in a manner free styled and unbridled as if hankering for jumping to some thing pornographic in the guise of an aesthetic display. This is far from any decency and deserves to be discouraged. Setting aside exceptions of this sort rest of what emanates from the face book is just fascinating as it is full of utility orientation. It is in fact for the users of the face book to direct its usage in a positive manner avenues for which are there in plenty. I like it, I love it.

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