Saturday, 28 April 2012

Democracy has its ills and evils too:

Definition of democracy as it stands accepted by all is a system of the people, by the people and for the people. It sounds good appearing to be most idealistic in terms of politics as this mode of governance is supposed to involve the people in general without confining it to a limited few like feudal lords, rajas and maharajas who, as is the history, always exploited the people for their own benefit and interest with hardly a few exceptions here and there. To procure this ideal system the people had to revolt at the cost of their life in many a countries throughout the world. Does the system really hold good for the interest of the people in general practically serving their cause is the question. True, dynasties of the earlier rulers are no more there in many a countries including India as they are since replaced by the elected set of persons, elected by the people in general themselves. The experience as per the very scenario obtaining as on date is just much different than what it might have been expected during the days of revolutions. A society quite in a disarray is the scene with lawlessness and corruption flagrantly rampant every where with common people suffering like more or less they did in the days of the then rulers. The difference is only that earlier the people used to suffer in the hands of the then rulers who brutally applied their own rules and laws to suit their whims, fancies and personal interest and the same thing is now done in the garb of democracy by a coterie of persons operating in different locations. The so called democratic system, the rules and the laws so evolved are more taken advantage of by the persons of shady character, criminals, rapists, gangsters, land grabbers and those who are neck deep involved in different modes of corruption.

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