Thursday, 19 April 2012

My book ‘Beyond the barriers’–a note on queries

My book named earlier as ‘Phoenix’ has since been changed to ‘Beyond the barriers’. The book is in publication stage by  my publishers at Varanasi duly monitored by Gyanendra. Certain anxieties have been expressed from many quarters in respect of the material the book contains which of course can’t be elaborated at this stage. May be I am able to partly share the contents by way of a synopsis shortly in days to come. Features wise, however, the salient areas so covered in the book, which is some what of an autobiographical nature, are more or less like this –At the outset, At a glance, Evolution of Banking system in India, Emergence of Trade Union(s) in Banking Industry, Trade Unions: Concepts and convictions, Trade Unions and Politics, Relevance of Trade Unions in the context of modern age, Price of leadership, On a personal note, Last page. I respect the queries and the requisitions so made by different people not only in the banking sector but also others from various quarters and I make a note to ensure that they are not deluded in their expectations. I also make a note that the book ‘Beyond the barriers’ comes out of the press as soon as possible to reach those who have already subscribed to it in advance and also the ones who have otherwise been expressing their keen interest in it.

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