Sunday, 1 April 2012

Initiative for sex

Romance and sex have all along been most dominant a factor since ages, nay since day one after life started on the earth planet. Chanakya, the great sage and diplomat who was the chief advisor to king Chandragupt Maurya, held a view that women have eight times more anxiety for sex compared to men and this view fully holds good in the case of birds and animals,LOVE even creatures. One thing that differs in this context is as to who is a fore runner in the matters of initiatives for the purpose. There it is the male that stands first both in the case of humans and animals. If a man feels proud in offering several temptations like valour, money and wealth to the opposite sex, animals do the same thing and it is the meat that acts as a major incentive in their case as they have nothing like money or wealth to offer. A tiger, besides exhibiting his valour and strength in so many ways to a tigress, no sooner he kills his prey he offers it to her and she easily succumbs to temptation offering her sex to him readily. So does a dog. Blue bulls are known to be vegetarians in strict terms but they drag their female partners to green pastures offering them the leaves of grass, crop and the plants. They are known for keeping three partners at a time. It is a mystery only as to why initiative part is more dominantly played only by males and not that much by females.

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