Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Who knows the world may end tonight:

While addressing his ‘last ride together’ to his beloved, Robert Browning gave an expression to his thoughts at one stage through the words ‘ … who knows the world may end tonight’ in the form of a poem. This he did to manifest the very intensity of love and the moments of ecstasy he was overwhelmingly having on that count as a result of his reunion with his beloved. Such a superb expression so made by him was denotative of most ecstatic and quite a divine level of love and had virtually nothing to do with the world collapsing in physical terms but there are people particularly the so called astrologers who every now and then come out with the prediction like some volcano is to erupt to kill a major chunk of human beings and they even quote the very month and year for the purpose. They talk of some top celebrities of the world dying as a result of some grave mishap and that geographically a number of countries shall be washed away by most violent a sea hardly sparing even a single soul to survive. True, none can deny the eternal truth that the world as a whole may collapse some day as it is the law of Nature but the way the loose predictions are made by the astrologers specifying timings quite often sounds to be absurd which factor not only causes a feeling of havoc but it enormously demoralises the people.

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