Monday, 3 January 2011

In the new year

Monday, January 03, 2011: Too chilly a weather it is for the last few days looking like things are freezing all around. Chilly winds on date remind me of the weather as it stood just a year back when people in SBISA particularly led by Vijai Awasthi and Anil Jauhary celebrated the day as my Platinum Jubilee based on official record of my birth day i.e. 2nd January’1935 at Farrukhabad. Instead of 2nd January it was observed on the 3rd January to suit the convenience of the organizers and the participants. Despite very bad a weather the event was attended by the people at a very large scale. I feel alright healh wise in the new year. There are ofcourse certain instances in a way striking a note on my advancing age. This morning while heading towards dining table to pick up the news papers of date I felt I was badly oblivious of my surroundings and didn’t at all notice that Disha, my daughter inlaw, was sitting there going through the news papers. This I could notice only when I got too close to her. A tendency of getting unduly suspicious on health points as I have I took it as some thing like a derailed mind. I quite know that it was the case of usual mental slips very common in an individual’s routine but some where there is a lurking thought as if the slip was an outcome of my advancing age which may not be a factual state of my health conditions and in no way it carries any alarming signal relating to my age as it stands on date.
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