Sunday, 23 February 2014

Food habits–Is rice really harmful to health?

There are many a myths in medical area on food intake and so is in relation to use of rice in meals. True, it increases fat and weight but that happens when the intake is too heavy. The digestive system demands that the intake of any kind of food has to be tasty and rice has it in abundance. Tasty food is helpful to health. The need is actually to avoid starch. The ideal way of cooking rice is in the ratio of 1*6 i.e. one cup of rice to be boiled in 6 cups of water without mixing it with any kind of oil or butter. This should be just plain and pulpy without allowing it to get much dried up. The Aayurvedic discipline of medical therapy prescribes that it is better to take rice in meals during day hours avoiding its intake during late hours in the evening or night. Once admitted to Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai for an operation the dietician invariably added rice  to the menu prepared for me. I told her that I was diabetic to which she replied saying that some intake of rice is necessary for health even in the cases of diabetes as the very body needs it because of the rich properties it has. In any case the advice is not meant for those in the habit of taking over heavy meals and is practiceable by the moderates.

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