Friday, 3 December 2010

Service to the poor with a missionary zeal

Far from the madding crowd of Kolkata there is a hospital in the pleasant rural surroundings of Gobrapota in Nadia district established and run by Suvendu Memorial Seva Pratisthan/ Suvendu Memorial Trust. The hospital is aimed at providing service to the poor and the people in the low income group with an exclusive concentration on ensuring that no needy a person goes unattended. There is of course no dearth of hospitals and other medical units in the country particularly in a nearby city like Kolkata but those serving the people in a committed order with a missionary approach are only few and this hospital is an exception in the category of service to the poor, the needy, the ones who can't afford a big cost. True, all can't be Mother Teresa in serving the humanity but even a drop counts for the ocean and this hospital certainly forms a powerful drop in the direction of service to the people, poors in particular. The hospital is fully equipped with necessary utility medical units for all types of patients on a conveniently affordable cost like Rural Health Centre, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Eye Care besides Eye Screening Camps, Eye Bank. Project on Childhood Blindness, as already approved by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, is actively in hand and may assume a full shape in days to come. There are also various health programmes organized by the hospital free of cost from time to time especially keeping in mind the people otherwise suffering from affordability constraint.
The man behind this missionary project playing most pivotal a role is Sankareswar Dutta, the Managing Trustee of Suvendu Memorial Trust. A retiree from State Bank of India, he is a renowned Trade Union leader and a Social Worker. He started the Trust in the fond memory of his late son Suvendu. To form the initial financial resource for the Trust he had to use the superannuation proceeds he got on his retirement from the Bank. He is a work alcoholic committedly adhering to the task he undertakes. Moreover a father in him is engrossed twenty four hours a day to secure a due monumental significance for his late son by making it possible that the project does flourish to the required heights. Hard work and a strong will is a combination unfailingly capable of eliciting the desired results. Such a combination is sure to further accelerate the service to the people in a bigger measure.
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